That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for playing Smart Grid 2025. With almost 700 players producing almost 5000 ideas, this has been an amazing experience inventing the future of the Smart Grid.

Please keep an eye on this spacelater today we will be posting a csv file with all the data so that you technically minded people can do some voodoo on the data to see what our game guides missed.

We look forward to playing more with you in the future, but for now, thanks!

**Update – Thanks for your patience. We now have a csv file for y’all to parse. Download the file here! Looking forward to the results — please post them in the comments here, or include #smartgrid2025 in your twitter posting of them!

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  1. eDiscoveri says:

    Thanks for organizing the game. This format would be useful for many other issues.

  2. rmadams says:

    The CSV file is really, really cool! What an amazing resource. Any chance you can add column headers, or at least tell us here what they all are? I can guess most of them, but I hate guessing!

  3. I think that using the collective iGeneration consciousness via a socially networked gaming platform or distributed computing application via apps for smart phones is a great way to rapidly multiply the man hours applied to the development and manifestation of the future power generation.

    We are also developing a multiplayer application here in the UK that will be integrated into real time metrics from actual sensors within our 5 main urban areas. The application will be cross platform, in-browser and be used as a tool to develop the stochastic modelling of scenarios, inform policy and enthuse the up-and-coming generation of digital energy engineers.

    Keep up the good work. Immanentize the Eschaton!

    Andrew Melchior
    Lead Technologist Smartgrid
    Technology Strategy Board
    United Kingdom
    +44 7834 389 119
    skype: andrew.melchior

  4. Noah says:

    Thanks for sharing the data! Is there any meta-data explaining the structure?

    My guesses:
    - Column 1 seems to be card ID, column 2 is date and time.
    - Is column 3 the parent card ID?
    - Columns 3 and 4 seem to be user name and user ID, where 5 and 6 are obviously the kind of card and the data entered.
    - I imagine that columns 7, 8 and 9 are related to the scoring or the parent-child relationships somehow, but am not sure.

    Thanks again for such a great game and for sharing the data. Really looking forward to seeing how it evolves.


  5. Is the Dashboard going to be reopened?

  6. AS says:

    Excellent you’re sharing the data. I would be interested in looking at this further but really would be good to know the column descriptions in the file and also if there is details of which cards were linked.

  7. This is part of my experience in more that 20 engagements, together with many other players, in my attempt to get the attention of participants on the emerging, simple, holistic, Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF) paradigm shift away of the obsolete, complex, fragmented, Investor Owned Utilities Architecture Framework (IOUs-AF) in all of its current mix of incremental extensions forms. Was I able to progress with the EWPC-AF in just 24 hours, more that what I have done in the EWPC Blog in more than three years and a half, with close to 650,000 views, more than 250 blog posts entries (many of them articles) and more than 850 comments?

    Identified as the EWPC-AF_Creator, I played on about 19 of the 24 hours of the Smart Grid 2025 Game, that was set up in the Foresight Engine’s forecasting platform of the Institute For The Future (IFTF) and organized in concert with and funded by the IEEE Spectrum. One may also question, if the massive parallel game itself was successful?

    Expecting that anyone is able to see the very rich information IFTF Foresight Engine’s Dashboard, with all the cards played, and much more, like the awards, at this moment, the last blog news update…

    To complete reading, please act on the following tweet:

    Did a Paradigm Shift Emerge in the 24 Hours of the IEEE Spectrum #SmartGrid2025 Game? #ForesightEngine #EWPC

    Thank you!

  8. Eric Adlam says:

    I uploaded all the ideas to IBM’s ManyEyes data visualizer to created a word tree. You can view it here:

  9. As the self named creator of the Electricity Without Price Control Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF), I participated with a lot of interest in the great opportunity generated by the IEEE Spectrum organized and sponsored Smart Grid of 2025 Game. The interest was in order to show that I had already created as a very different scenario the best possible future for the Smart Grid in the world.

    That Game was executed last week in the notoriously effective and efficient Foresight Engine platform of the Institute For the Future (IFTF). As might be seen in the interdependent engagements on the Game’s DASHBOARD, that future is well in accordance with the IEEE Tag Line of Advancing Technology for Humanity. The Tag Line subset I had already identified in public discussions is Advancing Grids for Customers.

    It is important to understand that the experiments conducted in the Foresight Engine collaborative community are generally known for its capacity to exploit the “Wisdom of Crowds,” by building up ideas that engage players to gain momentum as an analytic feasible winning scenario. But, according to the IFTF it is also very powerful and useful device to facilitate collaborative testing by players in the community, of what they call “outlier” ideas, like that of the original EWPC-AF idea, that I claim are synthesized by one person or a very small team.

    To continue reading, please follow the tweet:

    Was the #EWPC-AF_Creator the All Around Winner of the Smart Grid 2025 Game? #SmartGrid2025 @IEEESpectrum @iftf

  10. To get familiar with the EWPC-AF, I suggest reading the long discussion I had with Mr. James Carson. The discussion continued under the first and second entry that can be seen on the “Four Entries Bundle on the #EWPC-AF posted on November 30 and December 8, 10, and 13, 2009 . That bundle gives a much complete picture of the EWPC-AF at the end of 2009.

    In the second entry, “I think the Debate on the IOUs and EWPC Architecture Frameworks is Over,” Mr. Carson wrote “The debate is indeed over. My point that no sane regulator would ever follow Jose Antonio’s plan has not been refuted.” That was his last post. You could see my response to him, but I have below a much simple one as a result of the above mentioned EEE Spectrum Smart Grid of 2025 Game, as can be seen from the following plays:

    Momentum Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: “Set the energy policy priority as system performance first, short run economic costs second.”

    Adaptation Card by capt_stargazer: “That would be great if it happened. Just doesn’t reflect the reality of policy-making in my experience. Hopefully things could change!”

    Adaptation Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: “That only happens very rarely when the old system is replaced by the new system, as it happened to banks in the Great Depression of 1930s.”

    Momentum Card by capt_stargazer: “Therefore, it makes sense to prepare for the next disruption and be ready to move when that window of change opens.”

    Momentum Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: The IEEE Spectrum looks carefully to the EWPC post “Why the Smart Grid World Forum Requires Learning About T&D Transportation Ultraquality” ( I add here to look at the link

    Momentum Card by capt_stargazer: “Rolling black-outs and failure of traditional grid provides real-time proving ground for micro-innovation.”

    Momentum Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: “SG eliminates the need to open medium voltage circuit brakers. A whole new ball game opens in all kinds of innovation on the power industry.”

    End of the tree branch.

  11. bhavna says:

    Eric – I can not see your visualization snapshot in my explorer window… do I need to do something special? Thanks.

  12. Please take a hard look at the following tweets:

    @gmh_upsa : Do Players in 1st and 2nd Place on #SmartGrid2025 Game Deserve to be Call Winners? Part I #EWPC #ForesightEngine

    @gmh_upsa : Do Players in 1st and 2nd Place on #SmartGrid2025 Game Deserve to be Call Winners? Part II #EWPC #ForesightEngine

    Thank you!

  13. A Proposal to Declare the Winners of the @IEEESpectrum #SmartGrid2025 Game #EWPC @iftf #ForesightEngine

  14. Jake says:

    FYI. The .csv file now links to a version with the column headers. Great work on the visualizations and analysis so far. Let’s keep ‘em coming.

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