That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for playing Smart Grid 2025. With almost 700 players producing almost 5000 ideas, this has been an amazing experience inventing the future of the Smart Grid.

Please keep an eye on this spacelater today we will be posting a csv file with all the data so that you technically minded people can do some voodoo on the data to see what our game guides missed.

We look forward to playing more with you in the future, but for now, thanks!

**Update – Thanks for your patience. We now have a csv file for y’all to parse. Download the file here! Looking forward to the results — please post them in the comments here, or include #smartgrid2025 in your twitter posting of them!

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Massive Enabler or Still Out of Sight/Out of Mind?

For most consumers, the current power grid is baked into their lives and homes in such a way that they don’t pay attention to it.   Part of the excitement around the SG, coming from many, many players, is the sense that it could be a platform for new kinds of jobs, more efficient ways of living, and even new kinds of social relationships between neighbors, citizens, governments, and companies.  One big question that remains, though, is: how do we get people to care about the energy that forms the underlying basis of everything they do, but is largely taken for granted?

A lot of answers have emerged: education, political leadership, marketing, social pressure, new laws, new kinds of scientists, and open systems to enable individual entrepreneurship.  And, er, gaming! A few juicy ones below:


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Ripe for Collaboration?

Our positive imagination question has changed!

This one is on collaboration (see left).

Some early themes in the responses:

*between scientists & politicians (player AnuKowli)

*between utility companies & auto manufacturers (player E Arnold)

*between ends of the political spectrum (player Wahine_Ma)

*between engineers & designers (player secretengineer)

*across geographical boundaries (player markm92198)


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30 Minutes to Go!

Start wrapping up conversations and playing your last ideas because we’re 30 minutes to New Orleans. Er… rather, 30 minutes to the end of the game!

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Smart Grid Divide

A good conversation has begun around how demographics–especially socio-economic factors–will shape how the smart grid takes off.

Player Wahine_Ma asks about whether the smart grid will mirror the digital divide more broadly.

Here are some of the responses:



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1 Hour Left

Smart Grid 2025 is powering its way to the finish line so if you’ve been holding back any ideas, now is the time to get them out there!

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2.5 Hours To Go!

We are entering the homestretch here, and with just over 2 hours remaining in the game we’ve got one more direction change up our sleeves. Let’s think now about cooperation (working together, dig it). Positive Imagination now wants to know: If you could collaborate across any boundary, what would it be?

Here’s to an exciting conclusion to Smart Grid 2025!

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Smart Grid enables distributed generation on mass scale

One of the major themes popping up on dozens of cards is the idea that Smart Grid will facilitate distributed power generation from a variety of resources including PV-shingled rooftops and small home wind turbines to the more exotic as suggested this morning by SD:

A few years ago, I took a roadtrip through upstate New York to visit dairy farmers who were covering ponds filled with manure to run, in one case, converted diesel generators, and in another, highly efficient microturbines. Both farmers put power back onto the grid without the aide of any fancy, newfangled smart grid technology, and continue to convert poop to power even now. But what if, as Quentin suggests:

Quentin’s future scenario is actually now the case in Germany, where over the last ten years PV subsidies have encouraged thousands of homeowners to put solar panel’s on their roofs so they can reap the benefits of feed-in tariffs. While Germany certainly has some smart grid components in place, it is far from being a smart grid country complete. Which begs a chicken and egg question: should countries encourage distributed generation even as they encourage more electricity consumption (think mass adoption of EVs) to combat global warming before they have smart grids in place, or should policy makers slow down and reprioritize, putting smart grids and the investment needed to build them first. Is there any country out there that has a comprehensive policy that ties distributed generation, alternative power, alternative fuel consumption, and smart grids all together in one neat package?


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6000 Forecast Challenge – 12 hrs to go!

In the first 12 hours of the game we’ve had over 3200 micro-forecast … let’s close out just as strong. We want to see another 3000 forecasts in the next 12 hours so that we get up to 6000 total.

In the words of some bit part character from the Adam Sandler classic The Waterboy: “You can do it!”

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Do We Need Smart Grid Labels?

A few players, such as RickJohn57 and vercingetorix, have asked whether we should label Smart Grid products to indicate energy or cost savings. What metrics do you think should appear on these labels? Could current labeling systems be adapted for this purpose–such as those used for the Energy Star system in the United States? Do you think this would increase public support and understanding of smart grid technologies?

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